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Price Screw Machine Products Ltd. was founded in February 1974, and was located on Turbine Drive in Weston, Ontario. The current President ( Mr. Ken McKenzie) was one of the original founders. The original facility (2,500 square feet) was expanded three years later to 4,500 square feet and employed five people.

In 1984 Price Screw Machine Products Ltd. moved to a new facility located on Rivermede Road in Concord, which consisted of 9,000 square feet and employed 18 to 20 people.

In 1995 Price Screw Machine Products Ltd. relocated just up the street on Rivermede in Concord, and this facility consisted of 8,800 square feet. It currently employs 21 people.

From the beginning to present, Price Screw Machine Products Ltd. has been a manufacturer of long and short runs of custom screw machine products providing predominately to the furniture, store fixture, and metal furniture industry.

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